Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Last Chance to buy! - Start 2012 Empowered!

We are pleased to help promote the next Empowerment Live event.

Tomorrow is your last chance to get tickets for the Empowerment Live Conference at the early bird rate of just £95!

Do share this information with your friends and colleagues. Tickets are tomorrow a bargain at only £95! - which after lunches, which are included - works out less than £10 per speaker... and of course the networking, friendship and great fun you will have is just a bonus!

The speakers have promised to present fascinating new information in their talks, in fact most them have evolved their messages for 2012 and are looking forward to sharing new knowledge and insights.

There are 2 new speakers for 2012 Holistic Health and Cancer Coach Polly Noble - who will be sharing her story and wisdom on recovering from cancer twice using diet and peace of mind techniques, and Financial Success Coach Craig White - winner of the 2011 Top UK Male Direct Seller of the year, a tough £10billion industry, joining us to share his tips and tools for achieving your dreams and beyond..! 

We have also secured the brilliant Tim Wheater to play for you all at lunch times! Tim is an international musician and sound healer with 12 albums to date and a huge following,  you will benefit from and enjoy his performances.

All info is also on the website

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Myth Busting

Taken from Frontiers of Health by Dr. Christine Page

1) The world is dying and it’s all your fault. Such sensational sentiments, strike at the core of our fear and guilt, causing us to shrink away from the Earth in shame, rather than merging with her. The world is not dying, she is transforming and she is inviting us along for the ride.

2) The kingdom of heaven awaits. This is true, but such a heaven is to be built here and now upon this planet and not somewhere else. You chose to be here on Earth at this time and you have a unique gift to contribute to the planet right now. Listen to and trust your insights and intuition.

3) Natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes are the Earth’s way of showing her displeasure towards us. No, the Mother Earth does not hold grudges; that is a human emotion. I suggest you ask where man’s hand may have a part to play in these less than natural disasters.

4) To be spiritual you need to rise above the lower three chakras which are full of lust, fear and greed. This goes against everything our ancient ancestors believed. The lower three chakras are essential for a strong sense of belonging, inner wisdom and a healthy self-esteem.

5) The first chakra is the base. No, there are chakras underneath the feet, one of which is known as the Earthchild or root chakra, which connects us to the dragon or serpent energy, the source of creative energy and inner wisdom. Unless we connect to this chakra through our feet, the creativity and productivity of humanity will dry up. Spend time with your feet on the earth, allowing the dragon rise up and energize the rest of your chakra system.

6) The only way you will receive enlightenment and the love of the divine is through an intermediary such as a guru. This Piscean mythology has maintained our separation from the truth. We are and always have been connected to and loved by the Great Mother, without which we would not exist. Imagine her standing behind you and let your hearts connect.

It is time to be strong like a tree, with our feet firmly planted in the Earth, our arms outstretched towards the heavens and our bodies, the trunk, acting as a lightning rod between the worlds.

Blessings Christine

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Newsletter - Autumn 2011

Hello Everyone,

So much seems to be happening for people personally at the moment, and we have been caught on this wave of activity, which is generating new ideas and courses for you.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Newsletter - May 2011

We have had a lovely spring – good weather and some really interesting courses and with more exciting events coming up, some of them completely new, we can guarantee that the Barn will continue that way even if the weather does not! 

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in the Barn soon. 

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Newsletter - February 2011

The year so far…

David Stevens has become a regular and popular tutor here with his Chirokinetic Therapy training. The last three-part course ended in January and the next one is due to start in May – start saving now! And contact him or Sarah on: or via

Heidi Sawyer gave us a brilliant day on 5 February, encouraging us and helping us to clear our baggage – as time speeds up and we rush towards 2012 and the dawn of a new era. We are looking forward to her next visit, hopefully later this year – the more help and guidance we get, the better!

For Heidi’s other courses go to:

Michelle Childerley - Michelle ran another well-attended and successful day of Animal Communication on 13 February and is booked to return for two more courses.

We have just had an excellent weekend with Brigitte Nath teaching the DORN Method. Brigitte is able to share with us a gentle and very effective treatment for common back and joint pain. This was her second successful course at the Barn and we hope she will be returning later in the year.

To find out more please go to:

Forthcoming events
Sandy Newbigging 11 / 12 / 13th March
Friday evening 6-9pm. All day Saturday & Sunday.

One of the highlights of our forthcoming programme is an Ascension Weekend with Sandy Newbigging, who is known for his books and TV appearances.This special weekend of meditation techniques is sure to inspire us to enjoy the peace and contentment and good health that is inherently ours.

Places are limited, so to book go to:

Jenny & Alan Cox 6th March - Sunday
We’re delighted to be seeing Jenny & Alan again for another fun-filled and inspiring day of The Balance Procedure - always popular and well-attended. We welcome you all back again!

To book contact:

Michelle Childerley 9th April & 7th May
Following the success of the Animal Communication workshop on 13 February, Michelle is booked to return for two more courses. Saturday 9th April is an afternoon follow-up for those who have already attended one of Michelle’s workshops, and will add further information and provide an opportunity for Q & A session. 2-6pm

Saturday 7th May – 10-4pm – An introduction to Animal Communication
For further details: or phone Michelle on 07708 636627.

Beth Foley 16th April – Saturday
Beth Foley will be coming to the Barn for an exciting new Colour Workshop – it promises to be lively and interactive – bring coloured pencils and paper and prepare to have fun while you are learning!

To book, contact Beth at:

Joan Graham 19th March – Saturday morning 10 – 1 pm
Joan’s Yoga sessions are very popular – a chance for a good workout in the warmth and comfort of the barn (with a refreshment break at 11.30)

To book, contact Joan on 01223 890629

Psychic Development - Our monthly group continues to expand (7.30pm on the second Wednesday of the month)

We learn, share, and develop our natural gifts of intuition in a friendly, relaxed and often light-hearted environment. For more details phone the Barn on 01223 892562