Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spring 2013 Newsletter

As we rush through the first three months of the year, we hope you have all had a chance to stop and listen to the birds singing, watch the daffodils growing, and pause to count your blessings – even in an unfavourable economic climate, we have many things to be thankful for, and that energy of gratitude can make us all feel uplifted – as Thich Nhat Hanh says, start each day with a smile, then you will be spreading positive energy to all you meet.

We would like to do our bit for spreading positive energy with some new Tutors as well as some familiar faces at the Barn.

The Balance Procedure for People and Pets Level 2
Michelle Childerley continues to inspire her students with Animal Communication and The Balance Procedure – the next opportunity being on 6th April. Check her website: for further details, or phone her on: 07557 949564, to get to know your pet better, and promote happier and healthier relationships with all animals.

Meditation Course
We are pleased to welcome Steve Bacon to the Barn who is planning a series of six evenings on Meditation, once a week, and starting with an introductory morning on Saturday 13th April – so if Meditation was one of your New Year resolutions that failed to materialise, it’s not too late to start after Easter!

If you require further details click here. Discounts are available to FHT members. You can call Stephen on 07530 483457 or email too.

Creating Heaven on Earth
Chris Sell and Carrie Harris will be here on 28th April for Day 3 of their ‘Creating Heaven on Earth’ gatherings which are taking place around the country – this one is about The Joyful Mind – join Chris and Carrie and their Guides Zadkiel and Sananda with the loving and peaceful energy they bring. Details at: or phone 01223 864253.

Natural Facial Aromatherapy Day
Sarah Ling will be holding an aromatherapy, natural facial workshop on 4th May. The day will include making and using a natural exfoliator and doing a facial steam. You will learn a facial massage routine and apply and experience two types of natural face masks. Using essential aromatherapy oils and natural clays to suit your skin, you will make masks using various fruits and find out what they do for your skin. You learn how to do this and also get to be on the receiving end several times during the day! Contact Sarah or call 0750 8031269.

Looking forward...
New to the Barn: The Healing Codes
Learn The Healing Code process, letting go of suffering and becoming the person you should have been before you were born. We welcome healers Anne and Jack Stewart to the Barn on 29th June. Email or phone on 01925 479257 and make your booking. To find out more visit:

New to the Barn: Clearing Clutter / Shamanic Training
We are also excitedly awaiting confirmation of dates from Davina MacKail, for two different topics: firstly a healthy-energy/feng-shui/clearing-clutter workshop, with a special emphasis for the therapists amongst us. And secondly a Shamanic training into opening the heart energy, which will prepare us for our personal and planetary healing work in the months and years ahead. We will post details as soon as possible and urge you to take advantage of the opportunity to work with an experienced Tutor and a brilliant Shaman.

Paul Lambillion: Re-incarnation, Karma and Past Lives
Later in the year we shall be opening our arms, and our hearts, to welcome Paul Lambillion back to the Barn! Paul has so much experience and knowledge to share with us in his own friendly style, and we have requested two days (26 Oct & 23 Nov) to learn about re-incarnation, karma and past lives. Details will be available soon, but keep the dates free.

If you have suggestions for Tutors, or subjects you would like to learn more about, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to help manifest your wishes.

We continue to have a lively Psychic Development evening on the second Wednesday of the month in the Barn – different topics and new skills to learn, for beginners and anyone interested in practicing and developing the abilities that we are all essentially born with. £5 on the door – please try to arrive just before 7.30pm so that we can start promptly.

We look forward to seeing you.

Best wishes,

Celia, John and Chris