Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Myth Busting

Taken from Frontiers of Health by Dr. Christine Page

1) The world is dying and it’s all your fault. Such sensational sentiments, strike at the core of our fear and guilt, causing us to shrink away from the Earth in shame, rather than merging with her. The world is not dying, she is transforming and she is inviting us along for the ride.

2) The kingdom of heaven awaits. This is true, but such a heaven is to be built here and now upon this planet and not somewhere else. You chose to be here on Earth at this time and you have a unique gift to contribute to the planet right now. Listen to and trust your insights and intuition.

3) Natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes are the Earth’s way of showing her displeasure towards us. No, the Mother Earth does not hold grudges; that is a human emotion. I suggest you ask where man’s hand may have a part to play in these less than natural disasters.

4) To be spiritual you need to rise above the lower three chakras which are full of lust, fear and greed. This goes against everything our ancient ancestors believed. The lower three chakras are essential for a strong sense of belonging, inner wisdom and a healthy self-esteem.

5) The first chakra is the base. No, there are chakras underneath the feet, one of which is known as the Earthchild or root chakra, which connects us to the dragon or serpent energy, the source of creative energy and inner wisdom. Unless we connect to this chakra through our feet, the creativity and productivity of humanity will dry up. Spend time with your feet on the earth, allowing the dragon rise up and energize the rest of your chakra system.

6) The only way you will receive enlightenment and the love of the divine is through an intermediary such as a guru. This Piscean mythology has maintained our separation from the truth. We are and always have been connected to and loved by the Great Mother, without which we would not exist. Imagine her standing behind you and let your hearts connect.

It is time to be strong like a tree, with our feet firmly planted in the Earth, our arms outstretched towards the heavens and our bodies, the trunk, acting as a lightning rod between the worlds.

Blessings Christine

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