Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Newsletter - Autumn 2011

Hello Everyone,

So much seems to be happening for people personally at the moment, and we have been caught on this wave of activity, which is generating new ideas and courses for you.

We start the Autumn season this year with a repeat of our popular First Aid course on 10 September – Gary from ABC Training has infectious enthusiasm for his subject and entertains us with his humour. He can only take 10 people at a time, so hurry if you want to be included for this one – only 3 places left. We are still offering it at £50, which is a bargain price for this accreditation, also carrying CPD points.

Contact the Barn to book: info@abingtonbarncourses.co.uk or check our website for further details.

17/18/19 September is part 3 of the CKT Training – we are hoping that David Stevens and Sarah and the team will be offering free treatments from the students again, as this is a good way to experience the fantastic benefits and decide if you too would like to train in this therapy – Part 1 is over the weekend of 21/22/23/24 October.

Contact: www.chirokinetictherapy.com

NEW! 24 September is a unique opportunity to learn about Feng Shui to enhance the energy of your home, garden and business from the renowned expert Raymond Catchpole. Raymond has 40 years study of eastern philosophy and the property market, and has been involved with architects, big businesses, university, television and radio for many years across the UK.  This one-day workshop packed with ideas is only £55.

Contact the Barn to book: www.abingtonbarncourses.co.uk and www.raymondcatchpole.com for information on the tutor.

1 and 2 October - we are delighted to welcome back Jenny and Alan Cox with The Balance Procedure Practitioners Training – this is always an exciting weekend as the frontiers of energy medicine are constantly pushed forward and Jenny’s work is evolving week by week. If you have already done the training it is worth attending again to see what is new.

Contact TBP: www.thebalanceprocedure.com

8 October - we welcome back Michelle Childerley, a regular favourite with her Animal workshops – this one will be an Introduction to Animal Communication.

Contact her via: www.michellechilderley.co.uk

NEW! 9 and 16 October  - we have an exciting new workshop with Maggie Dewis and Vivien Clere Green who will help us to stay ‘Simply Positive'.  Two half-day sessions of New Channelled Truths and practical assistance to help us take control of our lives.  £40 covers both sessions.

To book and for full information, contact: www.dewishealth.co.uk/talks.html

15 October – our favourite Herbalist, Chrissy Gray, is back with a new workshop on ‘Herbs and Natural Healing for Digestive Troubles’.

Please contact her for more details on nature.working@ntlworld.com

NEW! 29 & 30 October – we welcome Kathleen Murray with her Crystal Skulls and knowledge of the forgotten Land of Lemuria – plus music with Tibetan bowls, gongs, drums and chimes. A rare opportunity to rediscover the parts of yourself that are routed in this ancient civilisation. £75 for one day or £135 for both days.

Contact Trevor Warren: trevor2603@hotmail.com – tel: 07775902460  www.crystal-keys.com and www.kismetcrystalscambridge.com

12 November – Michelle Childerley enlightens us again with a workshop on Past Lives and Numerology for all Beings. Have you ever wondered if you have shared a past life with your pets or loved ones?

Contact Michelle for more details: www.michellechilderley.co.uk

Looking ahead to next year  We are so pleased to have persuaded Paul Lambillion to give us the benefit of his wisdom and knowledge for a special one-day workshop teaching Meditation, Centering and Attunement – basic skills for everyday life and essential tools for developing our psychic ability. We shall give you further details nearer to the date next February.

Psychic development evenings For those who are interested in developing their intuitive and psychic skills we continue to meet once a month on the second Wednesday at 7.30pm. We are of mixed ability but we know there is always something to learn and the most important thing with developing a skill is to practice. Everyone in the group is supportive and non-judgmental and we add a good dose of humour to our efforts! We call upon the talents of some of our members to follow a theme for the evening and give us a variety of experiences. If you are interested in joining, please get in touch.

We do hope you will be able to join us in the coming months and we look forward to seeing you.

Best wishes,

Celia, John and Chris

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